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The She Drew That workshops began in May 2019, centering on successful women from the industry speaking about their careers and how they got to where they are today. At the end of their presentation, these women would provide our audience with a style frame, which they could then use the month to create an animation from. This challenge would then be supported by weekly ‘WIP sessions’ via Slack, with the directors and community. Here feedback could be provided to develop the skills of women within the community. The final versions would then be presented at the following workshops before the next speaker would introduce themselves.

Katie Menzies Workshop
Qian Shi Workshop
Becky Perryman Workshop
Isobel Stenhouse Workshop
Sophie Koko Gate Workshop
Amanda Eliasson Workshop
Anna Mantzaris Workshop
Yukai Du Workshop
Katy Wang Workshop.jpg
Jocie Juritz Workshop_edited.jpg
Hannah Jacobs Workshop
Workshop: Inventory
Workshop: Text
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