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The Snog. Cheeky and minimal, the film examines the tensions between self and other in relationships through the experience of a sexy smooch.

Bianca Beneduci Assad: Text
Bianca Beneduci Assad
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She Drew That Residency Experience

“For various reasons, I've always struggled to prioritise my personal work over paid work and that can be a major stumbling block if you want to be a director in our industry. It's been great to finally be able to dedicate some time to make my own little project. Doing it with the help of Strange Beast and She Drew That has been amazing. The entire team was incredibly generous in sharing their industry hot tips throughout the process. Their encouragement made the emotional rollercoaster that is producing an animated short film a lot smoother. It really makes a difference to have a team of people cheering you on. Also, it's been great to share this time with two other directors and witness unique creative processes. I've learned so much from everyone.”

Bianca Beneduci Assad: Text
Bianca Beneduci Assad: Text
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