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13th July
2pm - 5pm
Shoreditch Park

We are so excited to be hosting our summer picnic in London on the 13th July !! As much as we love a picnic, we do know the weather can be very temperamental so we have booked a backup pub in case of the rain.

So if there's sun we'll be heading to Shoreditch Park, but if there's rain we'll be heading to The Stag's Head Hoxton which is 5 min walk from the park.

So rain or shine, we'll be there to hang out and chat all things animation. We can't wait to see you all !!

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10th - 11th October
Barbican Centre

We'll be heading to 'In Motion' this Autumn to host a sketch session and we plan to arrange a meet up at some point when the schedule comes out. So if you're heading to In Motion and want to hang out, we'll be there.

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