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The main aim of this salary survey is to capture a snapshot of salary data reported by current animation professionals as a basis for further/future discussion and exploration.

Salary Report: Text
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In May 2022 She Drew That shared the Animation & VFX Union rates guide and found that their community did not see salaries within that guide that reflected their own. In response to this She Drew That created a survey to establish what people earned and their work role, seniority and industry sector to compare with the Animation & VFX Union recommended salary rates.

She Drew That has since created a report from the survey findings. This report captures a snapshot of salary data reported by 171 animation professionals based in the UK, with a majority of freelance animators responding, ranging from recent graduates to senior professionals with over thirty years of experience. Due to the small sample size, there is a need to interpret the results with caution, but the report does succeed in providing a snapshot of the current salary of animation professionals and provides some interesting insights.

The report shows the survey’s findings, draws conclusions from these findings, as well as provides recommendations for the industry and points for further discussion.

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