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Helen Brundson & Harriet Gillian

After our two part episode on funding in animation, Helen Brunsdon, and Harriet Gillian join, She Drew That founder, Hannah Lau-Walker for a Q&A. They cover questions sent in by our audience. This episode touches upon funding resources, distribution, and a lot more.

Recorded March 2022

Funding Q&A: Welcome
Funding Q&A: HTML Embed


Music designed by Olga Wojciechowska

Cover art designed by Harriet Gillian

Helen Brunsdon

Harriet Gillian

Your Mountain is Waiting

BFI Fund

Strange Beast

Hannah Jacobs

Arts Council Funds

Arts Council: Developing your creative practice fund

Short School Masterclasses 2021

These are super useful and hopefully, the next round will go up soon which also talked about self-funding and Kickstarter.

Film London - Funding Opportunities

BFI Network Appointments:

The Shorts School link we got sent to book a session with a funding staff member.

This is for a specific lady there but I think you can search for others.

BFI Network Weekender

Animated Women UK

Animation UK

Screen Alliance UK

Zoe Muslim

Miyu Distribution

Animation Festivals

Short of the Week - Be Everywhere At Once

British Council Travel Support

British Animation Awards

Film freeway

Funding Q&A: Text
Funding Q&A: Text
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