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Our Story

The ‘She Drew That’ aim to develop female (our descriptor including cisgender, transgender and non-binary people) freelancers’ skills and connect them with people in the animation industry to enhance their employability, began in April 2019. We initially ran monthly workshops, creating a network of active female animators and engaged existing female directors as role models and inspirational presenters to develop attendees’ confidence as well as their skillset.

Since the pandemic we’ve been unable to hold our in-person workshops but we have expanded online. Having the freedom to reach more people we began to engage more thoroughly as a community with discussion groups and animation projects. In parallel we began to focus on individual needs and development, running a residency programme for developing directors, as well as mentorship programmes and collaborating with studios to hold portfolio reviews.

We’ve learnt a lot over the pandemic and branched out into new areas, finding new ways to share resources and engage with the women in our community. We are incredibly proud of the rich community we have created and the wonderfully skilful women within in it.

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August Meet up 2021
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2023 Playgrounds | In Motion: Sketch Session | London, UK

2023 Norwich University of the Arts Conference: Creative Evolution | Norwich, UK

2022 Brighton Animation Club | Brighton, UK

2022 Festival of Animation Berlin | Berlin, Germany


2023 Playgrounds | In Motion: 'We Just Wanna Have Fun' | London, UK

2023 Cardiff Animation Festival Mini: 'Wellbeing in Animation' panelist | Cardiff, Wales

2022 Overlap | Birmingham, UK


2024 The Art Department | Eindhoven, NL | 'Saucy Selection' film programme
2023 In Motion 2023 Playgrounds festival | London, UK | ‘Made by women’ film programme

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Hannah worked as a freelance animator for ten years, working with many London animation studios. She observed a gender gap at junior and senior levels. To address this she wanted to create a more supportive and developmental community to help female animators in the industry, which became ‘She Drew That’. 

Hannah graduated from Leeds University and Central St. Martins, London, and has developed from an animator, to lead animator and has begun her journey as an animation director.

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