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Royal College of Art Industry Panel Discussion

RCA This episode was recorded at the Royal College of Art back in August this summer. The panel was made of Abigail Addison, Sue Loughlin, Emily Jordon-Wilson, Emma Calder and Stephen McNally who we spoke with after an Industry Day with the 2023 RCA Animation MA students.

We kicked off the panel talking about first jobs and how they led our panellists to what they do today. We also spoke about entering the industry and film festivals, we think this episode is the perfect listen for anyone who’s recently graduated and not sure what the next steps are as well as those still studying and looking to prepare for life after education.

We’d like to thank Carla MacKinnon for inviting us to the RCA and to all the students who shared their work, it was incredible to see such wonderful new talent about to enter the industry.

Recorded August 2023

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