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We offer a mentorship programme that provides 1-on-1 mentoring sessions between experienced Animators/Directors/Designers and women looking for assistance to develop their career in animation from whatever stage they are at currently.

The idea of this programme is to create a supportive and nurturing environment for professional development for both mentors and mentees. We want to create a safe space for women seeking to develop their careers in animation, engaging them with experienced professional animators, directors and designers who are willing to act as mentors. Our mentorship programme offers a structure that can be moulded to fit each mentee, ensuring consistent engagement with mentors and a structure that provides mentees with a clear and relevant focus.

We want to be able to provide advice and encouragement to women as they build their careers in the animation industry and support them to achieve their goals. The industry can be overwhelming so we feel it is important to have someone to relate to and keep you focused on your career goals whether you are starting out or have been in the industry for a while.

Applications are currently closed

The ‘She Drew That’ mentorship programme was incredibly helpful to me. Even though I have been in the animation industry for a while, I was starting to feel lost, and my confidence was lagging. My mentor was so supportive and had first hand experience as an animator/ lead animator and director in 2D digital and traditional series work. Her support and know-how really helped me back on my metaphorical feet. With my mentors' help I’m taking confident strides towards finishing my first short film as a female director. I cannot recommend the programme enough!

She Drew That needs to exist. It is a safe space for confidential musings, analyses, pep talks and beyond. I needed it as much as my mentee! I recommend anyone, no matter their level in the industry, take part in the scheme. To quote Lego Batman (and probably someone else really smart) ‘It takes a village!

The SDT Mentorship was an amazing opportunity that I found to be extremely helpful and encouraging! When doing independent work and trying to break into the industry, it is hard to know if you are on the right track sometimes. Watching online tutorials can only get you so far without guidance and structure. With my mentor Lara’s help, I learnt so much about the Vis Dev/ Background Artist industry as well as new techniques and skills that will help me immensely with my portfolio. Hannah was also extremely supportive during the application process and was quick to answer all my questions. Long story short I cannot recommend this mentorship scheme enough! I feel very lucky to be part of this community of amazing, talented women! Thank you for your time and all your help!

I’m glad I took part in this mentoring programme. Hannah has organised it in such a way that I never felt like I was left alone with the mentee, not knowing how to progress. And from the mentoring point of view, I benefited from the experience as much as I hope my mentee has. It was really nice to give something back to the animation industry which I love so much, and to the next generation of animators.

Thanks to my mentor’s support I've been able to work on jobs that I would never have thought I could apply for otherwise. And we’ve made a plan of action that means that I feel sure of what I need to do short term and long-term to progress and get work, which is such a reassuring feeling!

I found the SDT mentoring programme immensely rewarding and educational- even as a mentor! To know that I could teach other women to enter into the industry and thrive in their careers made me feel like I was proactively making a difference. I felt like I could provide support and guidance which would be restricted if I were in any other environment, the freedom to discuss working practices and personal goals without limitations was invaluable.”

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