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7B. Little Artist has a block. When her trusty pencil let’s her down all seems hopeless but her amazing future self comes to the rescue!

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Eva Münnich
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She Drew That Residency Experience

“It was great! The strange beast team shared very generous insight into the production process and about working as a director. I loved that our resident group was made up of three completely different creative minds. Each of the three projects is very unique and reflects a different approach to animation. It’s a pity that we couldn’t work together. To be able to share ideas and knowledge directly while working on the piece would have made the experience even better. The residency made me wonder where I could fit in in the industry and especially in the London scene. I’m very happy that I now have a strong personal piece in my portfolio that I can show to clients and studios.”

Eva Münnich: Text
Eva Münnich: Text
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