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She Drew That offers a mentorship programme once a year, supporting 1-on-1 mentoring sessions between experienced women from the animation industry and women looking for assistance to develop their career in animation at whatever stage it is currently.

Our aim for this programme is to create a supportive and nurturing environment for professional development. Offering a structure that can be moulded to fit each mentee, ensuring consistent engagement with mentors and a structure that provides mentees with a clear focus.

We ask mentees to develop a deliverable during the mentoring programme, to develop their skills and establish a promotional piece for both the programme and the mentee.

We're looking to provide advice and encouragement to women as they build their careers in the animation industry and support them to achieve their goals. The industry can be overwhelming, especially when you’re trying to develop new skills or move up in the industry, so we feel it’s important to have someone to lean on and keep you focused on your career goals.

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“The ‘She Drew That’ mentorship programme was incredibly helpful to me. Even though I have been in the animation industry for a while, I was starting to feel lost, and my confidence was lagging. My mentor was so supportive and had first hand experience as an animator/ lead animator and director in 2D digital and traditional series work. Her support and know-how really helped me back on my metaphorical feet. With my mentors' help I’m taking confident strides towards finishing my first short film as a female director. I cannot recommend the programme enough!”

Leah Panigada-Carey
Animator / Director

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